With advancement of technology (coupled with new human science), it is now possible to know the career of a 4 year old 20-30 years in advance. This is possible through new anthrop-biometric methods that have completely changed the way psychologists screen and assess young and old people.

Gift and Talent Clinics are approved one stop centres where one can have services related to Gift and Talent screening and associated reports or advise.

They operate under Affiliate Centres which have “ Command “ and “Nerve Centres” that control and boost communication between Clinics.

Gift and Talent Clinics (GT Clinics) are approved by experts of the World Talent Federation who carry out on-site inspection, evaluation and final approval. The Consortium of Talent Clinics is a referral service provided by the World Talent Federation (WTF) and facilitate access to our services without geographical hindrance.

All clinics must be WTF approved “World Sites” in good standing and are expected to adhere to the WTF Clinic guidelines. In addition they must subscribe to and indicate compliance with the WTF Professional Standards and Guidelines. Approvals and Listings are only available to operational clinics and not to individuals or other groups who wish to serve as proctors

If your school or college or university or any other private or public institution wishes to become a Gift and Talent Clinic , please follow the initial application process outlined below. We will then contact you with further information regarding your application.

If you would like to work with us you need to demonstrate you can:

  • effectively gather a good number of delegates wishing to have the GT Clinic services
  • provide adequate facilities, equipment and resources ( we shall give details)
  • have staff ready to be retrained to carry out GT Clinic services
  • commit to provide equal opportunities for all seeking GT Clinic services.

If successful, we will make arrangements to set up your institution as a clinic

Once Approved, you will receive Certificate of Approval as a World Site Gift and Talent Clinic. A World Site Number will be assigned to your Clinic and will be identified by your signage, marketing kits and etc AND verifiable from WTF Headquarters and website.

Once the Clinic is installed and ready, it must be “launched”. This will include invitation of local leaders, parents, students, and our headquarters will also assign one or two senior officials to grace the occasion.


Step1: Oral Screening

Trained official/expert introduces the concept and establishes the Talent Domains

Step 2: Psycho Screening

Expert uses Standard and Unique Talent Screen Models to unearth Talent Genres. Litany of Observations recorded and analyzed.

Step3: Anthropo-biometric Machine Screening

Anthropo-biometric machines used to screen and produce “Body Models”. Body models are used by experts to determine body kinetics (neural channels and brain diametrics) and act as confirmatory tools.

Step 4: Reporting

Experts interpret all in steps 1,2,3 and compile Talent Report. The repost will contain the career domains forecast and related delimeters. Reports are shared with the Talent developers, teachers and interested parties.

Step 5: Prescriptions

A Learning Prescription produced by experts ( 3 experts must agree) and used to guide the Talent Development process. It is usually shared with talent Development Experts.

Step 6: Talent Based Learning/Development

Expert Trainers in Talent Development as well as Mentors are used to develop the talent through the prescription. Academic Clinics may also equally be used For specific talent Genres and Domains, Talent Experts in the specific talent are invited and they provide specialized advise and interventions.

Step 7: Credit Transfer

During the Talent Development and Academic Clinics sessions and tasks, “credit values” emerge. Experts in Non-Verbal Assessments determine the credits and normalize them. Credits are then transferable for awards e.g diplomas, degrees. Fame Awards will also be issued by World Talent Federation on completion.

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