It’s awards season not just for the movies and music industry, but in a celebration of people who have the potential to make this world and surrounding planets better.

From those with potential in combating intolerance, prejudice and injustice in their schools and communities to those with a legacy of hope, courage, peace, justice and equality. Not forgetting those in science and technology that innovate and to include poets, musicians and rock climbers and many others.

The Gifted Awards are therefore open, and inclusive, as each person or groups are unique in their own talents. Our African Gifted Awards are carried out one year before The World Gifted Awards so that we can select our very best to represent us at the world stage.

The submissions for these awards should reflect each applicant’s dedication to achieving lasting change. Past winners of these awards have helped to change legislation, have started or run non-profit organizations, and have written books or created documentaries.

Far from cash rewards, trophy, and certificates, you will receive:

  • Fantastic media coverage
  • Listing in World Gifted Journal distributed to and read by thousands of members
  • Bespoke opportunity to network with others and showcase your gifts at our popular and prestigious award ceremony

If you wish to take part in the African Gifted Awards to celebrate and share your unique creation and abilities, write to us at: