About World Conferences

The World Talent Federation holds a biennial World Conference in different countries across the globe. The Federation works with The International Centre for Creativity and Innovation (ICIE) – ) to organize and hold World Conferences. ICIE is a global and renowned organization lead by a Fulbright professor , Taisir Subhi Yamin. Prof. Yamin is a global leader in gifted education who has researched and published a number of books, articles , etc in gifted education.

The main aim is to organize a detailed discussion on trending subjects related to talents and gifts. These discussions will bring all the nations on one page through the active participation of students, researchers, and experts. Also, it's a great platform to upskill knowledge, build connections and explore new fields in your unique areas of talent or giftedness.

Attendees will come together to take advantage of this professional learning and networking opportunity. The conference features keynote speakers from different countries as well as symposia and sessions on key topics.

World Conference in Africa 2025

The World Conference for Gifted and Talented 2025, in Africa, marks a significant turning point for the global agenda in general education and related learning processes (especially in relation to gifts and talents assessments’ impact on education).

Dubbed the World Safari Conference for Gifted & Talented 2025, in Kenya, it is expected to attract attendees from many countries and seeks to adopt several protocols and strategic objectives for the advancement of New Learning. This is in addition to Tools that foster the FIVE key pillars (among others) in new learning :

  • Education
  • Creativity
  • Culture
  • Community
  • Environment

Other ICIE Conferneces

ICIE has organized many conferences in many countries over many years. Please go to ICIE website to review these conferences.