What is Gift and Talent testing?

Gift and Talent Testing (also known as Professional & Scientific Talent Screening) is the process of determining a person’s innate potential in a particular or groups of aspects.

This may include an academic subject or course, but not limited to these, as talent may exclude intellectual ability. The Gift and Talent Testing involves Oral Screening, Psycho-Screening by approved experts. It is further enhanced for accuracy through Anthropo-biometric Machine Screening; a biometric machine that uses safe white light ( not X-Ray) to produce “Body Models” that are interpreted by experts to confirm “Talent Genres” and “Talent Domains”. Some of the benefits include:

  • Forecasting your child's career at an early age.
  • Getting scholarships from international bodies.
  • Reviewing and enriching your career as an adult.

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"Without knowing your talent, You are wasting your time in Education"

What do we do?

The main objective of African Federation for the Gifted and Talented is to provide advocacy or loud voice for Africa’s Gifted and Talented in consultation with World Talent Federation.

Talent Clinics

It is now possible to know the career of a 4 year old 20-30 years in advance. Thanks to talent clinics.

Talent Services

We have an array of services that have revolutionized talent identification & development.

Talent Scholarships

We offer financial support every September to deserving applicants.


We offer three major types of membership, namely; Affiliate, Corporate, and individual membership.

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Here is a group of photos captured from various events such as launches, graduations, and talent shows.

Prof. Humphrey Oborah with Prof. Peter Anyang Nyongo(Governor of Kisumu County) and Mr. Frankline Obat Masira (CEO of Mama Grace Onyango Social Center)
6th Jan, 2023-Prof. Humphrey Oborah met Trans Nzoia Governor, George Natembeya, in his office to set the stage for the setup of the first Anthropo- Biometric Talent Clinic in Kitale.
Prof. Oborah during his press conference in South Sudan where he explained how Anthropo-Biometric Talent Machine works/ predicts careers.
On behalf of World Talent Federation, Prof.Oborah visited Monrovia, Liberia. This was to inspect the readiness of Liberia for the setup of the first Anthropo-Biometric Talent Clinic there.
February 10th,2022- Official inspection of Meru county on behalf of World Talent Federation in preparation for the first talent clinic in Meru county, Kenya.
Prof Oborah gives a captivating lecture and explanations of how the Anthropo-Biometric Machine works. He further set up /installed a new Talent Clinic in Eldoret Town, Kenya.
Finally, Anthropo-Biometric Talent Clinic in Kampala, Uganda.
Prof. Humphrey Oborah hosted by Capt. Lemy Abera of National Aviation Institute in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), when the professor paid him a courtesy call at his office (Friday, 4th Feb.2022). This is during the official inspection of the institution on behalf of the World Talent Federation, to host the first Talent Clinic in Ethiopia.
Friday, 6th July 2023- Prof Humphrey Oborah (World Talent Federation -WTF- Secretary General) leads top officials from WTF Hq in getting a donation of Anthropo-Biometric Talent Clinic ( a setup that is used to predict careers 20-30 years in advance and worth USD 250,000) at Starehe Boys Centre. The reception from the director ( Mr Josephat Mwaura) , staff and students was massive. Starehe becomes the first national school in Kenya to achieve this.
25th October 2022, Prof. Oborah met with Meru County Deputy Governor- Mr. Isaac Mutuma. They talked about the complete setup of Ksh.17M first Anthropo-Biometric Talent Clinic in Meru.
Juba, Wed 14 Dec 2022- Prof Humphrey Oborah meets South Sudan Vice President, Hussein Abdelbagi Akol Agany ( and other senior government officials).
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