The Federation undertakes several projects in various regions around the world especially in poor continents that really need world support. In the years 2020-2030 the focus of WTF is in Africa to address the impact and real challenges post Covid-19.

Through our Affiliate (branch) , The African Talent Federation, we are keen on various projects that would directly impact on Africa in relation to our core objectives. Some of the current key projects are below. There are, of course, other projects.

  • (i) Lost Prizes International
  • The Lost Prizes International (LPI) and the University of Winnipeg in Manitoba, Canada – with support from ICIE – have built upon two decades of work with talented, at-risk populations and launched a variety of service-delivery programs and the Lost Prizes/ICIE Seminars, a major course-connected conference that takes place each July on the UW campus
  • (ii) Gifted Single Teenage Mothers
  • Pregnant young girls attending school end up terminating classes due to stigma from peers, neighbors and close family members. They find themselves in unfamiliar world of parenting with no skills to enable them join the difficult job market and this leaves them hopeless and vulnerable. Most African countries lack institutions that takes care of Gifted Teenage Mothers, their children and other vulnerable girls so that they can grow into responsible citizens. The Federation seeks to empower such Vulnerable Gifted Teenage Single mothers with sustainable livelihood and skills. We provide special training opportunities and a safe space for such marginalized Gifted Single Teenage Mothers to become self-employed and self-dependent. We are open to partnerships in this noble endeavor.
  • (iii) Africa Talent University
  • Kisumu and Kilifi Counties in Kenya (Africa) are set to reap big with the expected construction of USD 10 Million state-of-the-art Talent University. Being a first on the continent, this project under The African talent Federation, will revolutionize the Talent based Learning Schemes in Africa. Individual efforts to meet requirements of the WTF by the AFGT secretariat have made Kenya to benefit from this project. It will, of course, be scaled up to other countries in Africa over time. A Talent University is where learning takes place fully based on innate abilities are outcomes graded different from traditional academics. People who are not academically endowed, in Africa, will find this beneficial as they will no longer be required to meet rigors of traditional academics which do not conform with their natural wiring. They will not feel the pressure and embarrassment of being labeled “learning failures” yet they have potentials in different ways and will thus attain degrees in their aforementioned innate abilities.