The establishment has THREE important sections:

Step 1: Oral Screening - This is the first section in which basic facts are obtained about the candidate. It is like walking to the desk of the nurse in a hospital.

Step 2: Psycho Screening - This is the 2nd section where a trained expert ( anthropo-biometric biased psychologist) uses specially designed psycho-questions and scores the responses per standard norms applicable in psychology. This is much the same way psychometrics or the age old I.Q Tests were done but now enhanced by computer software.

Step 3: Optical Camera Screening - This is the last stage where a 3D Optical Sensing camera is used to take pictures ( just like a normal camera does - without actual body invasion- takes only surface coordinates) and link the same to a special software which will now reconstruct the image into a psychologist’s Psycho-Sheet (also known as the “body model”).

Step 4: Reporting - Experts interpret all in steps 1,2,3 and compile Talent Report. The repost will contain the career domains forecast and related delimeters. Reports are shared with the Talent developers, teachers and interested parties.

Step 5: Prescriptions - A Learning Prescription produced by experts ( 3 experts must agree) and used to guide the Talent Development process. It is usually shared with talent Development Experts.

Step 6: Talent Based Learning/Development - Expert Trainers in Talent Development as well as Mentors are used to develop the talent through the prescription. Academic Clinics may also equally be used For specific talent Genres and Domains, Talent Experts in the specific talent are invited and they provide specialized advise and interventions.

Step 7: Credit Transfer - During the Talent Development and Academic Clinics sessions and tasks, “credit values” emerge. Experts in Non-Verbal Assessments determine the credits and normalize them. Credits are then transferable for awards e.g diplomas, degrees. Fame Awards will also be issued by World Talent Federation on completion.

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