The African Federation for the Gifted and Talented has been created through efforts related to Millennium Learning Targets which focuses on modern education techniques. The Federation operates as a charity and organized into country organs which are coordinated by an executive secretariat. The Executive Secretariat is governed by The Federation President, Federation Treasurer, and The Federation Secretary General. Similar secretariat exists within countries.

The main objective of African Federation for the Gifted and Talented is to provide advocacy or loud voice for Africa’s Gifted and Talented in consultation with World Talent Federation:

  • To provide Gift and Talent identification and management services related to education in various disciplines.
  • To conduct Professional & Scientific Gift and Talent Assessment to Children, Youth and Adults.
  • To develop and implement guidelines for setting up and managing Gift and Talent Clinics in Africa.
  • To develop and promote Talent Based Learning in Africa and beyond
  • To collaborate and form partnerships with other institutions of learning and research within and outside Africa.


The Executive Federation Secretariat (EFS) consists of six officers: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Deputy Secretary, Treasurer, and Deputy Treasurer.

The EFS is served by The Executive Administrator who runs the day-to-day activities of the council with other appointed officers.

Officers of the EFS may serve a maximum of two consecutive five-year terms, with the exception of President, who may have served his or her terms as an EFS member.

The EFS may only have one member from any given country; i.e., each member of the EFS must be from a different country and it is preferred that a new country is considered first.


A nominee for President or other EFS official must be a member of the AFGT, must possess a doctoral degree in a field related of gifted education OR well known to be a great advocate of gifted education who possesses at least a masters degree and published research materials contributing to gifted education.


Any paid-up member of the AFGT can nominate an official. This is done online.


Nominations for EFS officers and for President are submitted to AFGT for those members who hold current, paid-up memberships, and very active advocates in advancing education of the gifted in Africa and worldwide.

The President and other EFS are officials are appointed by nomination and final voting by affiliate members who will obviously consult their country membership. The Founding Trustee or Sponsor signs their nomination and final appointment to office.

Voting takes place online and final results will be announced by AFGT headquarters.


Once the president and his/her team have been elected, they nominate, vote and appoint The Executive Administrator, his/her deputy and other officials who would ultimately run the secretariat headquarters for the next 5 years. Similar appointments are made at the affiliate/country levels.